Delhi CM Kejriwal announces helpline to trap the corrupt


January 8, 2014

Kejriwal announces that anyone who is asked to pay a bribe by any official in New Delhi should seek help on 27357169

January 8, 2014

Kejriwal announces that anyone who is asked to pay a bribe by any official in New Delhi should seek help on 27357169

New Delhi: Fulfilling its promise made soon after coming into power, the AAP government in Delhi launched a helpline number on Wednesday, to deal with corruption and promised action within 24 hours of sting operation to expose graft. Speaking to reporters at a news conference, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said 27357169 is the anti-corruption helpline number which will work from 8 am to 10 pm.

"We will try to get a simpler four-digit number in the next few days", he said. "People should understand that it is not a complaint number but a helpline number where people will be advised and explained by an anti-corruption department official on how to conduct a sting operation. After doing the sting, he should get back to the same advisor following which a trap will be laid to nab the accused," he said while assuring that action will be taken within 24 hours of the sting.

The Chief Minister said the helpline makes every Delhi citizen an anti-corruption crusader. "With just a phone, every citizen has the power to expose the corrupt," he said. A team of state vigilance department will look into these matters while teams of Delhi Police will be on standby for any assistance. The government will give advertisements in newspapers and FM Radio while hoardings will also be put up on the streets of the city to inform the people about the number, said Kejriwal.

"The purpose of launching this helpline is to create fear in the mind of every corrupt individual. Such people should fear that they might be under surveillance," he said. Kejriwal had announced after taking oath Dec 28 that he would announce a helpline soon to trap bribe takers. He said the project got delayed as he found the anti-corruption department was badly understaffed.

Centre accused of weakening anti-corruption law

Arvind Kejriwal has accused the Centre of trying to weaken anti-graft law.

"While Delhi government is taking action to curb corruption, the central government is trying to weaken the anti-corruption Law," Kejriwal told reporters here today. "In Rajya Sabha, one bill has been brought to amend certain sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act. Under the amendment, anti-corruption officials will have to prove that the official having assets disproportionate to his known sources of income has earned it through corrupt practices. How is it possible to prove?

At present, an official who is found having assets disproportionate to his known sources of income is considered to be indulging in corrupt practices, said Kejriwal. Kejriwal said his party will launch a nationwide protest if political parties try to support the amendment. "I want to warn every party that if they support the bill in the Rajya Sabha, then people will teach them a lesson in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and we will also launch a nationwide campaign," he said.

"Even after Delhi election results (in which Kejriwal-led AAP put up a stunning show), the government has so much of sympathy for the corrupt people in their minds. It seems they haven't learnt their lessons yet". Delhi assembly elections established that citizens of Delhi are against corruption. So now, either change yourself for the better or people will teach you a lesson, he added.

Hinting at taking actions against scams and corruption reported under the previous government, Kejriwal said his government is getting ready to deal with "big-ticket corruption." "You have been asking me about Harsh Vardhan's remarks. Now, I want to tell you that in coming days we will take action against the big-ticket corruption.

Courtesy: PTI