How To Check That Someone Is Spying On Your Smartphone – 7 Most Common Signs For Android Phone Users


MARCH 13, 2023

Contemporary smartphones are amazing technological marvels. Our entire digital existence might be stored on these small machines. If it won’t fit in the phone, it most definitely will in the cloud. Our whole music, image, and chat libraries are stored on these clever devices. Although it is quite practical, it also makes you a surveillance target. There are numerous potential spies to be concerned about. To begin with, there are online attackers like scammers, hackers, and others looking to steal your personal data. Then there can be someone close to you who might want some personal information about you.

Here Are Ways To Find Out If Someone Is Spying on Your Phone

1. Unfamiliar Applications: The most advanced spyware is concealed, but occasionally people abuse programmes like parental control apps to snoop on others. If someone is using one of these apps to spy on your phone, the malware will be concealed.- Search your phone for any unfamiliar applications that you don’t remember downloading. Common ones to look out for include Net Nanny, Kaspersky Safe Kids, Norton Family.

2. Performance Issues: Spyware persistently collects your data, laboriously uses up your resources, and operates in the background. This explains why devices frequently become sluggish while this stealthy software is running in the background. If your phone’s performance suddenly and mysteriously begins to decline, be concerned. Check out our specific post on how to speed up a smartphone first because this could possibly be occurring for other causes.

3. Battery Is Draining Fast: Your battery may discharge more quickly than usual if malware is operating continuously. Yet since all batteries eventually deteriorate, look for a big and abrupt change rather than a decline over time.Before assuming you have an issue, see whether any recently installed or updated apps are to blame if you do notice a rapid shift. The power requirements of some social media programmes frequently astound us.

4. Phone Getting Heated Up: If your device is running hot, it may be a sign that someone is spying on you by running spyware in the background. This is especially important if your phone continues to heat up even when you aren’t using it or using it sparingly.

5. Unusually High Data Usage: Sometimes, a sudden increase in the quantity of data your phone is using is a clue that malware is active. A rise in data usage could be a sign of mischief because the spy app needs data to convey information back to the offender. On an iPhone, select Settings and then Mobile Data to check your mobile data. You can scroll down to see how much mobile data specific apps are using, or you can view your overall data usage.

6. Issues turning off or restarting: Hackers can make restarting or shutting off a phone challenging. Some malware can even stop such behaviour. These criminals want unhindered access to your phone so they may look at it and use it. They would be severely constrained if they could not turn the device off.

7. Weird Search Browser History: Check your browser history to see if there are any odd occurrences. Try to find anything about phone spying software in particular. Your browser might have been used by someone to download spyware. Similar to this, someone attempting to steal your personal information may also be browsing websites to see what they can get.

Here Is How To Fight Against These Spywares

Use a spyware removal tool

The simplest way to remove spyware from your Android phone is to use software designed for the job. Your device will be scanned for spyware (and other forms of malware) and removed. Use only software from well-known security companies, please. Unknown security programmes could be infected with malware.

Update the operating system

Applying an update, if one is available, can occasionally break the spyware programme. But, it won’t always eliminate it, and its effectiveness isn’t always assured. Therefore, we advise combining this strategy with another.

Factory Reset Your Phone

Spyware is challenging to detect and difficult to remove. Wiping the phone clean and starting over will assure that everything is gone. Every time you receive a new device, you should always do this. Even if the phone appears to have already been reset, you should still do it to be on the safe side.

Avoid rooting phones and unofficial app downloads

Although the Google Play Store makes every effort to keep you safe, keep in mind that we are Android users. Installing third-party programmes is simple, putting us at danger of invasion. We urge you to only download apps from the Google Play Store. Manually installing apps has many advantages, but it’s also a preferred technique used by spies and hackers to get their software onto your smartphone.

Courtesy: Zee News / PTI