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IT employees working from home lazy and slacking? CEO Satya Nadella says Microsoft managers feel it is true


SEPTEMBER 27, 2022

Most companies, regardless of their sector, are calling employees back to the office now that COVID cases have dropped significantly. While managers want their teams to return to the office, most employees are still struggling to make it to the office every day. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella now shares his thoughts on work-from-home culture. He says that bosses at Microsoft want employees to come to office and work because they believe people slack while working from home. Microsoft employees feel otherwise.

As per a report coming from Windows Central, Nadella said that some bosses are skeptical of the work-from-home culture. “We have to get past what we describe as ‘productivity paranoia,’ because all of the data we have that shows that 80 per cent plus of the individual people feel they’re very productive — except their management thinks that they’re not productive,” the report quoted Nadella. “That means there is a real disconnect in terms of the expectations and what they feel,” he added.

The Microsoft CEO referred to a major survey conducted across the company about work from home culture. As per the survey, Nadella said, around 87 per cent of Microsoft employees feel they are more productive while working from home. While around 80 per cent of Microsoft’s managerial layer people think employees are less productive while working from home. The fight around work from home continues at Microsoft.

Nadella-headed Microsoft currently allows a hybrid working culture, wherein 50 per cent of the time employees are allowed to work from home and another 50 per cent from the office. Meanwhile, many other tech companies, including Google, Apple and few others are constantly calling employees back to office. These companies are also making extra efforts to convince them to bring people back to office premises.

Courtesy/Source: India Today