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Wipro to roll out pay hikes from January 1


DECEMBER 7, 2020

BENGALURU: The Thierry Delaporte-led Wipro is spreading some early New Year cheer. The Bengaluru-based firm is rolling out hikes for eligible employees in the junior band (B3 and below) effective January 1. Employees up to the B3 band comprise 80% of its 1.8 lakh employees. All eligible employees at the mid-level (C1 band and above) will receive salary increases effective June 1 next year.

The hikes, sources said, would be in the range of 6-8% for offshore employees, and 3-4% for on-site staff. Wipro didn’t comment on the quantum of hikes. The overhang of the pandemic has forced IT firms to revisit their appraisal cycles. Wipro’s annual increment is normally effective June. Those in the C1 band and above have missed one cycle.

“Our employees have shown remarkable resolve and resilience in ensuring seamless business continuity and maintaining high standards of service in these challenging times. Wipro has announced 100% variable pay linked to business metrics for all employees for both the third quarter (October-December) and the fourth quarter (January-March) of financial year 2020-21,” the company said in response to TOI’s query.

This follows the 100% variable pay that was paid out for the July-September quarter.

Meanwhile, Wipro CIO Rohit Adlakha has quit the company after a 25-year innings.

Courtesy/Source: TOI