Newton, Einstein misled the world; Kaurvas were test tube babies: Speakers at Indian Science Congress


JANUARY 5, 2018

Albert Einstein and Issac Newton didn’t understand physics and Hindu deities had knowledge of guided missiles thousands of years ago — the participants at the 106th Indian Science Congress that was held in Jalandhar on Friday, January 4 were in for many shockers.

Surprisingly, these words of wisdom came from an Indian scientist, Kanan Jegathala Krishnan and the Andhra University Vice-Chancellor, G Nageshwar Rao.

Krishnan, who claimed to be a senior research scientist at the World Community Service Centre at Aliyar in Tamil Nadu, told the audiences that Newton had “little understanding of gravity” and even though his calculations were perfect, there was a problem with his theoretical physics, the Print reported.

Krishnan also alleged that Einstein misled the world with his theory of relativity. The Indian scientist claimed that he has propounded a theory which would “destroy Einstein and Newton’s understanding of physics.”

He further claimed that it was not because of gravity that the things are moving at a particular speed but due to the self-compressive nature of space.

“Space is heavier than planets and sun and thus compresses them. Equal pressure is applied to these which is why they are moving. The self-compressing nature of space was something that Einstein and Newton did not comprehend and thus mislead the world,” Krishnan added.

The Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University, G. Nageshwar Rao had some interesting details and insights to share about the possession of stem cell research and knowledge of guided missiles by the Hindu deities thousands of years ago.

Citing tales from Mahabaratha, he said that Kauravas were test tube babies born through stem cell research.

“Everybody wonders how was it possible for Gandhari to give birth to 100 children. Can a woman give birth to 100 children in one lifetime? Now we know it can be possible because of test tube babies. Mahabharata says that 100 eggs were fertilised and put in earthen pots. Were they not test tube babies. We are now talking of stem cell research which was present in our country thousands of years ago.” Rao said.

He also said that Hindu deities such as Lord Rama and Lord Vishnu possessed knowledge on guided missiles, with which they would use to send their weapons (Astra and Shastra) which would hit the target enemies and return.

Ravana also possessed 24 different types of aircraft and had several airports in Sri Lanka which he used for different purposes, Rao added.

Courtesy/Source: IBT