Vishal Sikka in middle of row: Former Infosys top boss faces Teradata suit for ? theft? of trade secrets


JUNE 22, 2018

Vishal Sikka CEO & MD of Infosys addressing the Press conference on Infosys Q4 at Infosys headquarter on April 15, 2016 in Bengaluru, India. – Getty

Teradata, a cloud-based data firm, has alleged that key SAP employees, including its then former CTO Vishal Sikka, were involved in misappropriation of Teradata’s trade secrets. A complaint has been filed by the firm in a US court against German firm SAP. The complaint, filed with the US District Court for the Northern District of California, also claimed that a few SAP employees including Vishal Sikka “were aware of and supported SAP’s misappropriation of Teradata’s trade secrets during the development of HANA”, PTI reported.

“SAP’s purpose for the JV was to steal Teradata’s trade secrets, developed over the course of four decades, and use them to quickly develop and introduce a competing through inferior product, SAP HANA,” PTI reported citing the company statement.

SAP has “engaged in a decade-long campaign of anti-competitive behaviour, to the detriment of the parties’ customers and Teradata alike” and that the German firm had “lured” Teradata into a purported joint venture to gain access to the latter’s intellectual property, PTI report also said citing company’s complaint.

Vishal Sikka who was formerly with Infosys is considered to be one of the key people behind the growth of SAP’s analytics platform.

Meanwhile, in August last year, Vishal Sikka resigned from his position of MD and CEO at Infosys. After his resignation, Sikka turned to Twitter and shared a post saying, ?Moving on??. Along with the post, Sikka provided the link of his personal blog where he shared his farewell note that was addressed to all Infosys employees. In the letter, Sikka described his journey in the company and his experience with the people he worked with. That life was not really rosy is clear from the fact that Sikka found it necessary to point out his views on RESPECT, TRUST and even EMPOWERMENT in the organisation, at least as far as he was concerned and he highlighted his need to move to a place where such a situation did not exist.

Courtesy/Source: The Financial Express