Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot runs and jumps like a human


MAY 11, 2018

BOSTON – It seems like Boston Dynamics robots get more human-like every day. A new video shows its Atlas robot performing several tests. It runs through a grassy field and even senses when it is approaching an object, CBS Boston reports.

At one point, the robot detects it is coming upon a log on the ground. It slows to a stop, jumps over the object and keeps moving forward.

The company also released video of its four-legged robot named SpotMini. The robot is seen running through a course and navigating stairs.

Boston Dynamics said the robot is manually driven through the space to build a map using visual data from front-facing camera. Once the operator presses “go,” the robot takes off unassisted.

SpotMini navigates indoors and outdoors, completing the route in just over six minutes.

In February, the company released video showing the SpotMini using its mechanical arm to turn a handle and open a door. It even kindly holds the door open so its “buddy” can walk through.

Courtesy/Source: CBS News