‘Pran pratishtha without head, eye’: Shankaracharya explains why Ram Temple incomplete


JANUARY 14, 2024

It is not right to do pran-pratishtha when there is no head, eyes, Uttarakhand Shankaracharya said.

Uttarakhand Jyotish Peeth Shankaracharya Avimukteshwaranand on Sunday explained why he said the Ayodhya Ram Temple is incomplete and hence he won’t be able to join the inauguration event as it will go against the religious scriptures.

He said a temple is the body of God, the temple’s peak represents God’s eyes and the ‘kalash’ represents the head. The flag on a temple is God’s hair, the Shankaracharya said.

“It is not right to instill life (pran-pratishtha) in the body without its head or eyes. This goes against our scriptures. Hence, I will not be going there because if I go there people will say scriptures have been violated in front of me.

Hence, we have raised the issue with responsible people, especially with the members of the Ayodhya Trust — that the celebration should be done once the temple is fully constructed.

Discussion has been going on,” the Uttarakhand Shankaracharya said amid a major controversy going on around the four Shankaracharyas not attending the January 22 ceremony.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times / PTI