TVS X Electric Scooter: Top Reasons Why is it Your Smarter, Greener Ride?


OCTOBER 30, 2023

TVS Motor Company had recently launched the X electric scooter at an introductory price of Rs 2.5 lakh (ex-showroom). The official deliveries are slated to begin from December onwards.

Recently, we took the scooter for a spin on the company’s Hosur test track. In this article, we will talk about the top standout features that make this electric vehicle a game-changer in its segment.

Innovative Design That Turns Heads

Despite TVS categorizing it as a crossover, the X offers a scooter-like riding experience with 12-inch wheels. Its striking appearance draws inspiration from the popular Creon concept of 2018, featuring an exposed aluminum chassis, a sleek headlamp, and distinctive rear styling. The X stands out with unique details, including stalk-mounted mirrors, adjustable hand levers, clever-folding pillion footpegs, and stylish alloy wheels, making it a desirable and visually captivating machine.

TVS X E-Scooter. (Photo: Shahrukh Shah/News18)

Sporty Performance and Cutting-Edge Chassis

At the heart of the X is a superbike-style twin-spar chassis centered around a 4.4kWh battery pack. With an in-house motor delivering a peak power of 14.7 bhp (9 bhp nominal), the X offers impressive performance. While riding the scooter, we were able to reach 80 kph in its highest riding mode. The chassis provides a solid and stable feel, though the front end may feel slightly light in high-speed curves.

Technology and Connectivity at Its Peak

TVS X E-Scooter. (Photo: Shahrukh Shah/News18)

The TVS X isn’t just about riding; it’s a tech marvel. The massive 10.25-inch tilt-adjustable TFT display is a standout feature. Its interface with smartphones and smartwatches is seamless, providing access to an extensive list of functionalities. TVS’ proprietary operating system goes beyond the standard EV features, offering options like a keyless start via pin, phone, or NFC key card. The X takes connectivity a step further by allowing users to browse videos and surf the internet when stationary, though the practicality of this feature remains to be seen. The scooter also offers real-time traffic updates, ETA, and weather forecasts, with map and traffic data generated through a built-in 4G e-sim. Connectivity for multimedia data will rely on a smartphone hotspot, with TVS yet to determine data charges and the duration of free services.

Charging Convenience and Future-Ready

Charging the TVS X is a breeze, with a 950-watt portable charger and an optional 3kW fixed fast charger for home installation. The X offers a 0-80 percent charge time of 4.5 hours with the standard charger and a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes with the fast charger. While the X’s overall performance and range may not be groundbreaking, its technology and connectivity features make it a game-changer in the EV landscape, setting the stage for a smarter, greener ride.


In conclusion, the TVS X electric scooter stands as a groundbreaking addition to the electric vehicle landscape. Its innovative design, inspired by the Creon concept, combines style and functionality, turning heads wherever it goes. What truly sets the X apart, though, is its technology and connectivity, featuring a massive TFT display and seamless smartphone integration. Charging is convenient and future-ready, with fast charging options available. Moreover, its charging convenience and future-ready approach make it a smart, green choice. As the X prepares to hit the roads, it’s clear that TVS has introduced a game-changer in its segment, setting new standards for electric scooters.

Courtesy:  News18 / PTI