‘I eventually quit’: Manager insists on doing things their way because of their age… despite having less experience


APRIL 26, 2023

Just because you’re in charge doesn’t mean you know better or have more experience—that’s not your job. It’s your job to ensure that the people who know how to do that job are getting it done and have the resources and ability to do so. A lot of managers get this confused or let their gargantuan ego get in the way, and then they end up with situations like this. Bonus points in these situations apply if the experienced subordinate is also significantly younger than the manager, which will often lead the manager to get their back up based on that alone.

While this worker was in their early 20s, they got a fair amount of experience running events at their school. One day they got a new college head who was “the most pigheaded arrogant fool you can imagine” who would fallaciously announce that she knew better because she was older as the answer to any problem or suggestion.

These things all lead down a predictable road, and when you claim you know better enough times, sooner or later, people are going to give up and leave you to your erroneous devices.

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Courtesy/Source: Cheezburger