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‘DARE NOT search for these 8 KEYWORDS on Google, OTHERWISE…’: BEWARE of Number 2, THIS can send you in JAIL


OCTOBER 31, 2022

Google is now an integral part of people’s lives. When no one can be found around for any need, the first thing people go to search for is Google. Anything they need to know can be found just by asking Google. Many people search for many things that may not be talked about publicly in society, so they think about secretly searching on Google. But if you think that no one knows that you have deleted the search history, then you are wrong. Google has its own team that regularly monitors where searches are coming from. Because there is a series of searches in Google End before your End history is deleted. Therefore, bad use of Google search can have dire consequences. Everything can be lost. There may even be imprisonment. So we all need to be careful about this. Dare not search for these keywords on Google.

How To Make A Bomb?

Never google how to make a bomb by yourself. Then you will be in great danger. These issues are also monitored by security agencies. So don’t ever search for bomb-making methods on Google. If you search for the method of making a bomb on Google, it can be reported to the government security agencies.

Bomb Making

Child Pornography

This is also a very harmful search. If you search for something like this on Google, it falls under child abuse. This search can lead you to jail. Because child pornography falls under the sexual exploitation of children. This will lead to difficulties under POSCO. India has strict laws against child and minor pornography online. As a result, this type of hateful search is considered a criminal mentality.

Information on Abortion

If you Google for abortion information, you may be subject to legal action. Abortion is a legally punishable offense in India. Only a doctor can give permission for this. So be careful before doing this kind of search.


Customer Care Number

Many times, people call by searching for the bank’s customer care number on Google. But, there was a scam going on where hackers ranked wrong numbers higher in Google search. Due to this, when users call this number, they are cheated financially. In such a situation, get information about the customer care number from the official website of the bank. It is always better to open the bank website by typing the correct URL. Opening the bank website by searching on Google is not safe at all. Fraudsters often create a fake website that is an exact replica of the bank’s website. When they go there and log in with all the information, they get the ID, password. Then it takes everything from the account.

Medicines and Treatments

Whatever else, don’t search for a doctor on Google. Physicians have years of study and experience behind prescribing a small drug. So it’s not that simple. In case of minor health problems, you can know about care, first aid, diet, etc. But buying medicines and supplements by searching on Google is not wise at all.

How to Join a Terrorist Organization? 

Don’t dare to google how to join a terrorist organization. As a result of this, you may end up falling into serious legal problems.


Apps and Software 

It is better not to install apps and software from unknown websites by searching on Google. Downloading unknown apk files is quite risky. Malware can enter the phone in the form of apps. The phone will slow down. Your personal information may also be stolen.

Mobile Apps

Stock Market, Trading Advice 

Many people give various suggestions related to the stock market online. If you search on Google, you will find thousands of such websites. But it is better not to believe them blindly. Various bogus companies in the name of cryptocurrency, trading to trap fraud. As a result, you can lose everything in them. Get stock market information only from well-known and trusted sites. Discuss the decision yourself or with your advisor.

Stock Market

With great power comes great responsibility. But to be honest, many people abuse this power of Google. Many people misuse this technological power. The consequences of such use can be fatal. Everything can be lost. There may even be imprisonment. So we all need to be careful about this. Be sure to follow these things from today.

Courtesy/Source: Zee News / PTI