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Welcome Maa Lakshmi this Diwali 2022: Complete guide to attract wealth, positivity, and growth


OCTOBER 24, 2022

Maa Lakshmi’s blessings beam on those who feel serene from the outside as well as inside.

The auspicious Kartik month dissolves a pleasant celebratory fragrance in the air. After all, the most significant Hindu festival, Diwali, is celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Kartik. This year, Diwali will be celebrated on 24th October, Monday.

It’s time for family reunions and lightning diyas (earthen lamps) with friends. But what’s more exciting is the arrival of Maa Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. As Diwali also marks the beginning of the new financial year in India, the celebrations involve great jubilation to welcome Maa Lakshmi to our abodes.

The festival of lights gives great relevance to rituals and preparations. Here, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, who is Founder of NumroVani and a renowned name in Astro Numerology has shared tips for Diwali preparations to decorations and Lakshmi Pujan, literally everything.

  1. Tips for Diwali Preparations – A Clean House Equals Wealth

There’s a popular Indian saying – “Lakshmi resides in clean spaces only”. The belief is backed by great scientific evidence stating cleanliness improves our mental health and productivity which is reflected in our finances.

Diwali preparations are incomplete without its “cleansing rituals”. Follow these tips to make your home/offices suitable for Maa Lakshmi’s entrance –

  1. Clean your Puja Space

Begin the cleaning ritual by taking the divine’s blessings. Thoroughly clean the puja space and get rid of empty itra bottles. Mix Ganga Jal with rose water and purify the entire puja room by sprinkling the holy mixture.

  1. Clean your home/office

Remember, the cleaner your home/office is, the better. The usual cleaning process involves dusting, sweeping, and mopping. Go one step ahead by following declutter and minimalism.

  • Declutter – Discard disused or unwanted items from your space. Arrange the items you still need properly. This also goes for your negative thoughts. Dispose of and rearrange consciously.
  • Minimalism – While we like to go overboard with our possessions, minimalism has its own beauty. It’s an idea to purchase only those essentials that are really needed. For decorations, go for minimalistic items that are soothing yet eye-catching.
  1. Remove negative energies

Everyone cleans their homes and offices but forgets the deeper meaning behind the significance of Diwali – reigniting your inner light to defeat the darkness within.

Maa Lakshmi’s blessings beam on those who feel serene from the outside as well as inside. To get rid of negative energies, consider your aura, subconscious mind, and physical space aura in totality.

Your subconscious mind accounts for 99% of your actions. Without your knowledge, it keeps collecting information from the environment. A disorganized and negative surrounding impacts your subconscious mind adversely. This, in turn, maligns your aura.

Tips to remove negative energies –

  1. Mantra Chanting

Positive affirmations, Shadakshara Strotam, or Om chanting work to fight away the negative energies from your subconscious and physical space.

  1. Essential Oils

Essential oils like Juniper and Sage are excellent in performing energy cleaning of the home and aura.

  1. Sound Therapy –

Sound Therapy with 741 Hz has the most promising frequency to eliminate negativity from past painful memories and toxic energies residing in your home/office. The process works best if carried on for 9 hours.

2. Tips for Diwali Decorations –

According to lighting diyas and glittering lights are must to invite good fortune and wealth. While it’s vibrant to decorate your house with innovative lights and showpieces, one must not forget the age-old culture of toran and rangoli.

For good luck, decorate the puja space as well as your residence/workplace with toran made of mango leaves. Make rangoli near the puja space and doorways to give a warm welcome to Maa Lakshmi.

3. Make your puja space Diwali ready

  1. Abhishek or cleansing of idols

Firstly, begin by wearing clean clothes to perform the panchamrit Abhishek of idols. Cleanse them in pure water, sandal water, rose water, Ganga Jal, and Panchamrit.

Once done, bathe them again in pure water and dry them clean with a neat cloth. Now, the idols are ready to be placed at their respective seats.

  1. Establish the Kalash

Kalash is the symbol of wisdom, prosperity, and enlightenment. In Vedic scriptures, Kalash Darshan is considered the same as Dev Darshan. It should always be placed on a red cloth.

The proper way to establish a Kalash is to take a copper pot and fill it with Ganga Jal. Once it’s full, submerge some coins in the Kalash. Now, decorate its neck by placing mango leaves in a circular pattern. Give it a finishing touch by establishing a coconut on the top.

  1. Establishing Maa Lakshmi’s idol

Goddess Lakshmi’s idol should be placed alongside Lord Ganesha’s. Over a brass/silver utensil, draw an Ashtadal Kamal using Ashtagandha. Then, place the idols on top of the decorated utensil.

4. Tips for Goddess Lakshmi’s Pujan –

Adopt the following measures to worship Mahalakshmi and rejoice in her divine presence –

  • Lord Ganesha is worshiped before any auspicious activity. Hence, begin your Diwali Puja by worshiping Lord Ganesha.
  • Remember your Kuldevi, Kuldevta, and Ishtdeva. Recall their named and seek their blessings before moving ahead with the puja.
  • Now, it’s time to gladden Goddess Lakshmi. As she is here after almost a year, worship her with a pure heart and relaxed mind.
  • Goddess Lakshmi is the divine consort of Lord Vishnu. Hence, it’s paramount to worship him as well alongside. Also, worshiping Kubera, the god of wealth, on Diwali brings opulence and riches.
  • Finish the Diwali Pujan by singing Goddess Lakshmi’s Aarti. Give the day a beautiful ending by distributing Prasad to the dear and near ones.

Courtesy/Source: Financial Express