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Men Share One Thing They Did In Their 20s That Turned Out To Be The Best Decision Of Their Life


SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

Being in your 20s is fun until you wake up one day unsure of your future and whether you are going down the right path. It’s confusing and difficult but people who have gone through it all have some tips up their sleeves as to what is the best thing you can do when you are in your 20s to be successful and happy for life.

Someone going through the same, recently asked fellow men on Reddit, “Men of India who are in their 30s what did you do in your 20s that has given you the best ROI in life?” Men shared the one thing that turned out to be the best decision of their lives.

For young men in their early 20s who are trying to figure out what to invest their heart, soul and time to, this thread is a goldmine. Here are the best responses:

1. Worked Hard For Masters

Didn’t really concentrate on studies in school, JEE and AIEEE rank were above 1 lakh.

Went to a terrible college for a B.Tech but prepared like hell for GATE. Got a good rank and did my masters from an IIT, got a good placement and now I work in a MAANG company making over a Cr per year.” –boozy_hippogrif

2. Moved Out Of Home

Left home and went away to study and work. Though it was from Delhi to Bombay, it really changed perspectives, burst bubbles, and was massively helpful in minimising toxic tendencies.” –asecretsmoker

3. Invested In Health & Mutual Funds

Work out, ate well (i.e. avoided fried stuff, fast food, only Ghar ka Khana)….never fallen sick, backbone of family and friends now….also invested in mutual funds early, have a little nest egg saved up now. Final advice read a lot, a lot of books.” –1tonsoprano

4. Did Not Get Tied Up By Material Possessions

Did not succumb to the societal pressure of having material possessions – I’m 30 now but still don’t own a house, a car or even a scooter. And when an opportunity came my way to move to Europe, I did not even have to think twice about making the move, because there was no material processions holding me back.

The less stuff you own, the more mobility you have.” –keralawala

5. Chased That Dream

Changed my career from a biotechnologist to a visual designer + illustrator.

Best decision I made in my life. If you ask me, this has given me the best ROI in my life, apart from falling in love.” –SimulacrumPoetry

6. Experienced The World

Got a PhD. Learnt a lot. Became an expert on something totally random. Travelled the world. Europe/US/India/Russia. Met amazing minds. Had a stable relationship. Extended my student life. Now work in industry. Have way lesser money than peers who got a job much earlier and had MBAs but I consider the PhD experience as a whole invaluable. To me 20s are about experiencing the world without the burden of a family or worrying about money in the bank.” –benketeke

7. Started Saving & Investing Early

Started a SIP with half of my first salary in 2011 and never stopped it. As of today, I am planning retirement at 45 (in about 11 years from now). After doing my home loan and other liabilities, I still invest 60% of my salary.” –aashish2137

These are some lessons that you don’t learn from textbooks. If you are a 20-something, it’s time to check these things off your list.

Courtesy/Source: MenXP