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Tips for a Prosperous Diwali


NOVEMBER 14, 2020

Diwali or the ‘festival of lights’ is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. This festival symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Diwali holds a prime significance in Hinduism in terms of religion, spiritual, cultural, and social.

Although predominantly a major Hindu festival, one can easily say that there is no other festival celebrated all over India with as much enthusiasm and fervor as Diwali. The festival assumes different styles, flavors, and colors all over India. The spirit and zeal of the ‘festival of lights’ bring people from different backgrounds together. Even Indians living abroad celebrate this festival with panache and excitement. And what’s more! Over the recent past, other countries and people from many different ethnicities have also started observing this festival to admire Indian culture.

The Festival of Prosperity

Diwali is a festival that is always associated with prosperity, wealth, and happiness. The festival brings with itself endless festivities, reunions, and for most people, a promise of a happier and prosperous life. On this special occasion, people pray to Goddess Lakshmi- the deity of prosperity. It is believed that worshiping the divine Goddess Lakshmi on this day can ensure that your life is blessed with prosperity and wealth. Moreover, decorating and lighting your home on this festival to welcome the Goddess is considered auspicious.

To ensure that you celebrate this Diwali in such a way that you are blessed with prosperity and wealth, we have compiled a list of Diwali tips for prosperity. This list of Diwali do’s and don’ts can help you bring prosperity to your house this Diwali.

Diwali Tips for Prosperity

Do’s for Diwali Puja

Here are the easy tips which will help you invite prosperity into your lives.

1. The Diwali Puja is performed to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The place of the Puja should be set in the North-East direction of the house. While performing the ceremony, you should make sure that the idols of the deities should be in the East direction. The family members should sit facing the North direction for Puja. When you are praying to the deities, you should only have pure thoughts and wish for positive things.

2. Before performing the Puja, clean every nook and corner of your house, especially the place of worship. This will ensure that all the stagnant energies of your home are revitalised. Goddess Lakshmi likes clean and well-maintained spaces and blesses them. You should also decorate your home and the area of worship to attract prosperity.

3. You should perform the Diwali Puja at the correct muhurat or auspicious time. Doing the Puja at the assigned time will ensure the Puja to be effective and will bear good results. Always start the Diwali Puja by worshiping Lord Ganesha.

4. You should keep mustard oil, or ghee-filled diyas lit throughout the Diwali night till the morning of the next day.

5.  Fresh flower decorations add positive energy to the house. Opt for flower garlands on the main door as it will attract auspicious energy into your living abode. However, always remember to remove these decorations as soon as they start to wither away, or else the prosperous and positive energy won’t be in your favour.

6. Fill the main Puja diya (lamp) with ghee and light it. The count of the lamps that are kept for the Puja should be 11, 21, or 51.

7. Light diyas around the house. Lighting up the house with lamps will brighten up your whole space. This is a great way to invite good tidings into your living space. Remember to light diyas at the front door and the main gate. Lighting lamps on the entryway will illuminate the path and allow positive energy to walk into your homes.

8. While making rangoli on Diwali, make it a point to incorporate auspicious symbols like swastika into the design as it will bring prosperity into your homes.

9. Place valuable items like gold, silver, and other such things in the Puja as this can bring good luck. If you are a business owner, it also is considered auspicious to place your account books in the Puja and worship them. Typically, business owners open new account books on this day. Besides this, you can also keep other materials related to your education in the Puja.

10. Along with Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, also pray to Lord Kuber, who is considered the Lord of Wealth. This will ensure wealth and prosperity in your lives.

Don’ts for Diwali Puja

Apart from the tips that you should be doing on Diwali, there are some things that you should steer clear from. Given below are some of them.

1. Firstly, gambling should be avoided on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. You can play games as a recreational activity but don’t play for money.

2. Losing control over your temper and tongue, abusing someone are actions that cause negativity and can drive the Goddess away from your living abode. The divine Goddess Lakshmi resides in a place where there is peace, harmony, positivity, and warmth. So, steer clear from anger.

3. On Diwali, it is auspicious to wake up early in the morning and not sleep till late. Sleeping till late displeases the divine Goddess, and thus, whoever sleeps in late on this day will not be blessed with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

4. You should not insult or disrespect your elders on Diwali. Although this should be followed every day, you should make an extra effort to be respectful and pleasant to your parents and other elders at your home. Along with elders, you should also respect any religious texts in your home.

5. Goddess Lakshmi resides in a place that is neat and clean. This is why you should not keep your house untidy or dirty on this day and the entire Diwali week. Make sure that your home smells great and is well decorated. Remember that dirt, garbage, and clutter will drive the Goddess away.

6. Apart from the fact that you are pregnant or unwell, you shouldn’t sleep in the evening. Taking a nap in the evening during Diwali leads to distress and poverty in your household.

7. It is believed that you should steer clear from any drug abuse, such as consuming alcohol or smoking, should be avoided. Doing these actions can anger Goddess Lakshmi and hamper your chances of acquiring any blessings.

8. You should not burst crackers when the Lakhsmi Puja is going on or immediately after it.

9. Don’t leave the Puja area unattended throughout the night, as you must ensure that the diya remains lit. Keep pouring ghee into the diya so that the diya keeps on shining bright.

10. You should not cook or consume non-vegetarian food on the day of the Puja.

Along with celebrations, doing charity like donating to a cause is a good thing to do on Diwali as this will spread happiness. The festival of Diwali is dear to everyone, whether children or elders. People eagerly wait for this festival to make the most of the day for their homes’ prosperity and happiness. This festival brings everyone wealth and happiness. If you want to reap the benefits of this festival so that your life is filled with joy, wealth, and prosperity, it will do you good to follow the Diwali do’s and don’ts. Closely following these tips will allow you to attain the blessings and grace of the divine Goddess Lakshmi for yourself, your family, and your abode.

If you seek more guidance for worshipping Goddess Lakshmi this Diwali, consult professional and expert astrologers.

Courtesy/Source: Astroyogi