Double The Average Snow Predicted For DC Area: Forecast


NOVEMBER 29, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – A local weather team claims that we could see double the average snowfall in the D.C. area this winter.

NBC Washington’s Storm Team4 is predicting 25-35 inches for the general D.C. region thanks to a moderate El Nino this winter, which means colder than average temperatures and more snowfall, they say.

Also, they note snowfall has been rapidly increasing in Siberia, which is another major indicator of our likelihood of snow.

Yet another factor that pushes us toward higher snowfall totals is the fact that we are moving into a “solar minimum,” which is the point in the solar cycle where the sun is producing less activity. And if that’s not enough, warm water in the north Pacific Ocean could push the jet stream to the north, which would send cold air to the south.

On average, D.C. gets about 15 inches of snow, so at the high end of their forecast, we would get more than double that. If you’re out even farther west toward Dulles Airport and beyond, you could see upwards of 45 inches, they predict.

And Storm Team4 says that there’s a decent chance that a storm will come in time for Christmas. However, don’t get your hopes up, because it could be too warm for snow.

Courtesy/Source: NBC