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Former Trudeau adviser: Trump is a ‘pathetic little man child’


JUNE 10, 2018

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s former foreign policy adviser Roland Paris slammed President Trump on Twitter amid his recent comments on the Group of Seven (G-7) comments, referring to the U.S. leader as a “pathetic little man-child.”

“Big tough guy once he’s back on his airplane. Can’t do it in person, and knows it, which makes him feel week. So he projects these feelings onto Trudeau and then lashes out at him. You don’t need to be Freud. He’s a pathetic little man-child,” Paris said in a tweet on Saturday.

Paris was responding to a tweet from Trump, in which he said the U.S. would not sign the G-7 communique despite the Canadian leader’s previous comments.

“Based on Justin’s false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!” the president said.

Trudeau had said earlier that all of the G-7 members had agreed to sign the agreement during the summit in Quebec last week.

The prime minister’s office pushed back against the president on Saturday, saying Trudeau had been consistent with Trump during the summit.

“The Prime Minister said nothing he hasn’t said before – both in public, and in private conversations with the President,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland responded to the attacks from the U.S. on Sunday, saying Canada did not find the rhetoric “appropriate or useful.”

“Canada does not believe that ad hominem attacks are a particularly appropriate or useful way to conduct our relations with other countries,” Freeland said at a press conference Sunday.